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Advice Welcome: [SmartHub2][5 CompleteWF⚫][3 WholeH🔘][5 Eth🔌PowerL][2 WiFi+Eth📶 PowerL]


  1. Smart Hub 2
  2. 5 (Black) Complete WiFi Discs
  3. 3 (White) Whole Home Discs
  4. 5 Powerlines solely with Ethernet
  5. 2 Powerlines with WiFi and Ethernet

I am aware that the Whole Home discs are not compatible with the same system as the Complete WiFi Discs. I merely use both for different areas of the house.

  • The Smart Hub 2 is connected upstairs at the front end of the house.
  • The Complete WF Discs are dotted around the house, in particular in the center and rear of the building so that there is good coverage over a good amount of the garden.
  • The Whole Home Discs are placed as near each other as is feasibly possible at the front of the house, with one directly connected to the Smart Hub 2, in an attempt to make a mesh that can reach not just some appliances that are near the front of the building, but our cameras outside and even down the driveway. So one disc is attached to the hub, one outside in the garage, and one in between (inside the house, but at the very very very front).
  • I use powerlines extensively in the thought that this will back up the signal being transmitted through the discs they are connected to.

Powerline Usage

  1. 1x Wifi + ethernet upstairs bedroom blind spot
  2. 1x Wifi + ethernet downstairs in kitchen to give best signal to TV + Apple TV + room in general
  3. 1x Ethernet connecting all others to the smart hub
  4. 1x Ethernet connected to white WH disc in between Smart Hub connected disc and Garage WH disc: since latter does not have one
  5. 1x Ethernet connected to black Complete Wifi in Kitchen (potentially wasteful, due to (b)
  6. 1x Ethernet connected to black Complete Wifi disc in lounge
  7. 1x Ethernet connected to black Complete Wifi Upstairs connected to smart home control hubs

The WiFi is not turned off on the Smart Hub. Instead, I have named the networks on the Smart Hub, Whole Home, and both WiFi Powerlines exactly the same, with the same WiFi password, to supposedly ensure non-stop coverage from driveway to bottom of the garden. I have used the guest network functionality as eyeballing where coverage from each provider ends. iOS AirPort Utility also shows a WiFi provider list based on MAC address, which is exceptionally detailed, and I have to remind myself this is just for my house, not a business!

Anyway, I am sure I have made some very silly mistakes somewhere along the line, so I am here to seek the advice of the experts and put them right. Please let me know if you need more details.

Thank you for your help!


Also: the BT app for the Smart Hub (and billing) will not detect my network and refuses to set it up, even though at one point it was fine. It is almost suggesting I reset its name and password? It works fine on browser and I can see all discs with no problem. So I don't know what it expects me to do in order to fix it. I of course tried switching all other sources of the Wifi network off other than the Smart Hub system, but still, it would not have it. Anyway, that is probably an issue for a separate post, but it may be relevant here, even though I am not aware of it.


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