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BT 4000 Baby monitor - Replacement screen

I've been scouring the internet and I can't seem to find much information on this product. I've managed to drop the parent unit and crack the screen, so I'm on a mission to find a replacement unit. 

The closest I have found is with DisComm, is the 6000 parent unit which looks identical to the 4000? Does anyone know if they are interchangable, or do I have to buy a whole new system, or continue searching for a 4000 parent unit?

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BT Devices Expert
BT Devices Expert
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Re: BT 4000 Baby monitor - Replacement screen

Hi @pedalsandprams, the VBM6000 parent unit should work with your VBM4000 camera.
The only quirk you'll find is the pan function won't work (because your camera doesn't have a pan motor unlike the VBM6000 camera). But other than that, for viewing video it should be okay.

Bearing in mind it's not officially supported by BT, make sure you keep the receipt to return it if it doesn't work to your satisfaction.

Hope this helps.

Device expertBrunoN
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