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Re: BT Homespot Boosters


The problem occurs if you have used the option to "clone" the home hub settings, instead of leaving them as the default settings.

You can change the hotspot name by connecting to the hotspot, and going to http://mybtdevice.home

You will need the Admin code that is written on the card.

If you have two extra hotspots, then you can give each one a different name, so you know which one you are connected to.


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Re: BT Homespot Boosters

Sorry i have been away from my house + now i have had a chance to look at this.


So, I have changed my homespot device names to separates to allow me to know which i am connected to.


I am sitting closer to the one i have renamed. I have done a speedtest via my laptop + mobile phone. Here are the results.


LAPTOP-ping 40ms    download-6.74     upload- 0.72



MOBILE- ping32ms   download- 0.25   upload- 0.98



My mobile won't even open my appstore up using one of the boosters.......any suggestions?

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