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BT Hub 5 Capacity Issue?

Hi, I help run a computer club for senior citizen at our local community centre. The centre has a public Wifi provided by BT using thier Hub 5 router and a local Cisco Access point. Our club has 15 members, some with muliple devices (laptop / ipad/ phone ) in the morning and another 15 in the afternoon. We are experiencing two connectivity issues:

  • Intermittent DNS lookup failures

             In which our clients keep having to refresh thier browsers to continue thier network activities and to resolve
             the DNS Lookup Failed' message. Client machines DNS server is directed to the BT hub. At these times
             nslookup also fails. This is an ongoing issue.

  • DHCP allocation failure

             This issue mainly occurs with the afternoon session late comers in which their allocated IP address is in the 
             169.254.x.y range. ie: the Microsoft 'unable to collect a DHCP address'


So: Are these issues due to overloading the BT hub?  - Especially the DNS lookup issue, and filling the available DHCP lease table? OR does the BT hub have a maximum concurrent users setting that manifests in this way?

SOLUTION: ? Ive tried to hardwire individual laptops DNS to use OpenDNS / / Quad9 etc. with limited success and considered asking the centre management to reduce the DHCP lease period. OR should we replace the BT Hub with a small business WiFi router/ADSL switch??


Your help would be appreciated as our ~40 members are loosing thier hair 🙂



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Re: BT Hub 5 Capacity Issue?

The hub is not the best device inthe world. A third party router would probably be a better solution, something like the TP Link VR600 or Billion 8800NL VDSL modem/router.

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Re: BT Hub 5 Capacity Issue?

Ideally you want to reduce the DHCP lease time so it frees up reserved IP addresses more quickly but I don't think that is possible with the HomeHub. You can try expanding the DHCP range as wide as possible from .1 to .253 so it has more possible IP addresses to allocate.

Regarding DNS you can't change this on the HomeHub but can with most other routers. If you have a Windows PC permanently on the network you can install a DHCP server on this and turn off the one in the HomeHub - just search for "Windows DHCP Server". It's a small service that you install and it's easy to configure. You can change both the DNS servers and also the DHCP lease times.

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