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BT Smart Baby Monitor

Received a BT Smart Baby Monitor as a gift in December. 
Worked wonderfully for 1 month since moving our son into his own room though now not any audio coming through monitor. 

Have tried resetting with pin hole in back of monitor, holding menu and power button and holding link on camera with no luck. 

Have also tried draining the battery and charging again with no luck. 

Camera will also now not link to the app so cannot use this as an alternative  

Contacted BT who have confirmed a fault and that it is still under warranty and gave me a reference number but have said it needs to be returned to point of sale! Incredibly difficult with it being bought as  a gift and during a global pandemic now being able to hand back to the shielding family members who bought it. 

Stuck on what to do and now without a safe, working monitor. 

As a paediatric nurse, I will not be recommending this to parents if this is how difficult the process is to try and rectify a known issue. Expected better from such an expensive monitor. 


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BT Devices Expert
BT Devices Expert
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Re: BT Smart Baby Monitor


Sorry to hear you have an issue with you Smart Baby Monitor.

A couple of things to check having reset the Monitor:

On the Monitor check to make sure the Volume has not accidently been set to "Mute". Sounds obvious but worth checking.

It might be worth trying to pair the camera to a different number on the monitor to see if that makes a difference?

Since carrying out the reset have you tried deleting the camera on your app and adding it in again running through the setup process from fresh?

Let me know how you get on?


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Re: BT Smart Baby Monitor

Thanks for your reply Martin. 

I did check the volume and it said it was on. the lights on the side we’re not reacting to noise in the room either. 

I did remove the app and re download again with no luck connecting back to the camera. 

I have since been to Argos and returned and have had to buy the older model of which I had to pay an extra £30 (as they didn’t have that model to replace it with for 7 days) to ensure I had a working device tonight for my son. 

£30 out of pocket and now have a older model without the app features  

Extreamly disappointed with BT’s response of “goto point of sale” when I phoned earlier about this. 

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