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Re: BT Smart Home Camera Firmware/Upgrade Failure

I fixed it.

I set up on a different phone, it managed to connect and attempt an update.

After about 10 minutes it said “update failed retry later”.

However when I went back to my original phone, it successfully connected to the camera and now shows firmware version 03.10.14.

The second phone is still retrying the update, go figure!

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Re: BT Smart Home Camera Firmware/Upgrade Failure

Have experienced the same problem on a new camera, it can’t update to the latest firmware.

I have attempted the following to resolve it but with no Joy ☹

I have tried to install originally on  my mother’s PlusNet  network no joy even thought I  we have 4 other cameras working ok.

I have moved the camera nearer to the HUB and factory reset but :- No Joy.

Attempted three new installations :- No Joy

Mover to my home and tried to connect to BT Whole home :- No Joy

Reinstalled using Virgin Wi-Fi :- No Joy

Factory reset the camera and attempted new install using alternative Account :- NO Joy

Attempted installation using iPAD :- No Joy

Attempted installation using Google phone ( Android 11) new app version installed :- No Joy

App returns "Camera Firmware update failed, Please try again."

Current firmware version 02:00.50 ( New Camera from BT SHOP )

 Any Advice would be welcome before I , Call the BT Helpdesk and ask for a return reference number?

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