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BT Smart Hub as a Whole Home wifi repeater?

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Can the Smart Hub be used as the main hub for a whole home system? or as a repeater in the mesh? If i understand correctly its actually at least as powerfull as a whole home disk, if not more so, so integrating it into the network would be great for extending range/having a faster connection in one area?

If this CAN be done, how would one go about it?

If not, would it be possible/worth it to petition BT to do so, just as ASUS have retroactively enabled some of their own routers to be used in conjunction with one another to create a mesh network, despite not initially being designed to work as such?



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Re: BT Smart Hub as a Whole Home wifi repeater?

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A second smart hub can be used as a wireless access point to increase coverage by turning off DHCP and giving it an IP address outside of the DHCP range of the master Hub and connecting the 2 hubs LAN port to LAN port, but it won't behave as a mesh system.