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BT Whole Home App won't connect

I have tried the app and also the MyBTDevice website and I cannot connecf to my WholeHome settings.

The app returns a 1002 error and tells me to connect to my BT Whole Home hubs via wifi, which I am and successfully accessing the interent on all devices, I just cannot get the app to work at all.

I am accessing via an iPhone XS Max on IOS version 12.1.2

I have tried all the suggestions I can find on here, including uninstalling the app and starting again.

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BT Devices Expert
BT Devices Expert
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Re: BT Whole Home App won't connect

Hi @nshilton, sorry you're having this problem.

To first narrow down the issue, can you please check if other devices on your network see the mybtdevice.home page in a web browser? (ideally try another Apple device if you have one AND also a non-Apple device like a laptop or Android phone/tablet). If they don't connect either, can you please send a screenshot of the error you're getting on your browser.


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