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BT Whole Home Ethnernet Backhaul


A few questions, as I've been trying out using ethernet backhaul for my 3 disks, owing to manifestation of the faults with the v1.02.04 build10 firmare (which may only show themselves if WiFi backhaul is used - this si still a bit speculative).

1. Forcing the discs to use Ethernet - well actually I'm using some powerline plugs I had spare.  Data rates (reported by the Devolo software for the plugs) is 50-150 Mbps. I did have some issues getting the disks to use ethernet backhaul instead of WiFi even if I had ethernet plugged in when I started the discs with a power up. Is there any trick/sequence needed to force ethernet or will they eventually figure this out if left alone for long enough?

2. Like some others, I've found overall internet connection speeds slower with ethernet than with WiFi. I have a 200Mb download connection from Virgin at the router (acheivable with a wired connection) but mobile devices close to a disk (and connected to that disc, according to the Android app) usually have download speeds of <20Mbps.
I'm using the Netflix website for quick tests.
When using WiFi backhaul I was able to get 50Mbps+ and over 20Mbps even with "Poor" connections.
Anyone seen similar performance anomalies?

3. Finally, when all 3 disks are using ethernet backhaul, it appears that any disk can become the "primary" and, if all started together, the network doesn't always pick the disk connected straight into the router. My Prmary powerline plug is also connected directly to the router, so maybe they all look like they are directly connected from the discs' perspectve.
Does it make any difference which disc is Primary if using ethernet? (I managed to force the disc nearest the router as Primaryby starting it first, while the others were switched off).

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Re: BT Whole Home Ethnernet Backhaul

I've been using ethernet backhaul for some time so I will answer to the best of my knowledge. Firstly even with all discs using WiFi I have experienced the problem where a disc remains blue, clients connect but cannot get out to the internet, and the rest of the mesh believes the disc is still present. I do however believe that with ethernet this problem is far less frequent.

  1. The discs will switch between whichever backhaul route is the best. If I unplugg my ethernet they switch to WiFi, and if I reconnect they swap back again. No intervention is needed.
    I suspect the issue is that the real throughput on your Homeplugs is no better than they can achieve over WiFi but that's a guess.
  2. Again I think you might be limited by the connection you are getting over the Homeplugs, but its a hunch. Using Gigabit Ethernet backhaul, the limiting factor for me is the WiFi connection.
  3. Yes, you are right that any disc can be primary on Ethernet and that the first to start is the primary. The role will then shift if your primary is lost but a secondary is still available. I haven't found any issue casued by a different disc being primary, but all my ethernet backhaul is 1Gbps. If you have a mix of backhaul speeds there may be some variation.

Some notes around Homeplugs.

Firstly I know there has been a lot of emotion on the forums about them, but in my experience people tend to be polarised with either a great experience or not. It's not all about the age of your wiring, but environmental issues such are how the electrical wiring is all connected up and sources of interference  such as electrical appliances (fridges, freezers etc), cordless phones etc.

Secondly the speed reported is the bandwidth they can establish over the powerline, HOWEVER this is a shared medium therefore if you have a reported speed of 50Mbps and 3 Homeplugs, they only have a maximum of that bandwidth for all communication on the homeplugs. I know that with my Homeplugs there was a master and multiplr slaves, but just a guess is that in a multi-homeplug system slave to slave traffic may route via the master halving the bandwidth.

These units do serve a purpose for some people, but you need to use them with an understanding of their limitations.


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Re: BT Whole Home Ethnernet Backhaul

I have my discs connected by ethernet.  I have the upto 100Mbps virgin offering.  This is the net speed I am getting via the discs:



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Re: BT Whole Home Ethnernet Backhaul

OK - thanks.

Speed issue fixed - I had my phone set to force use of 2.4GHz as I had been using it to setup some power sockets that only support the 2.4 GHz band - for over a week (doh!!)

Gone from 10Mbps to 97Mbps so nothing to do with the backhaul.

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