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BT Whole Home - Feature requests


New user of Whole Home WiFi (2 x 3 disk packs) and all more or less working OK but have the following feature requests/issues.

1. Ability to adjust LED brightness per disk and/or via a timer. Useful for bedroom disks at night.

2. Ability to lock a device to a particular disk. The reason I ask for this is as follows:

I have my router and disk 1 in one room, my desktop pc in another room with a second disk. Usually the desktop pc connects to the disk in the same room and I can get my maxium broadband speed (which is 11Mbps - I cant get better because of where I live sadly). This morning I noticed my broadband was very slow and on checking the speed it was only 1.5Mbps. On checking the disks, the desktop PC was connected to the disk in the room with the router not the disk in the same room. The disk with router is just about connectable from the room with the PC so although it was connected, the speed was badly affected and signal was very low.

The easy solution was to disconnect the PC's wifi connection and reconnect and hey presto it connected to the disk in the same room. Its going to be a real nuisance if the network logic decides at times top switch to the router room disk so it would be great to fix it to the disk in the same room. As its not a mobile device, I would never want it to connect anywhere else.

I appreciate the whole idea/concept is to just allow one big network and the user nbot to have to worry about whats connecting where but if its going to make the wrong decision for whatever reason,. it would be nice to override it.

3. Be able to edit/change things from the browser mybtdevice page as well as from the app. Apologies if this is possible as I did read somewhere it was but I cannot see anywhere to do it, just to view the setup.

4. The ability to lock a disk to link to another specific disk. Again, as in 2, if the system got it right every time OK but I have a disk which at one point moved from its good connection original position to a disk which gave it a poor connection.

5. Dont know if this is a possible feature or a bug. I have two 3 disk packs. Having setup the first 3 disks all OK, I had to perform the task, as suggested, of connecting the second 3 disks one by one to the router via ethernet so that they could get the network settings before they would be seen. Once done, disks from second pack seen OK. This morning got a power cut (get a lot of them again because of where I live). Once power back on, the orginal 3 disks came back OK but the disk from the second pack of 3 had a red light and I had to go through the connecting to the router procedure again, as if it hadn't stored the setting from the first time it was connected.

Should it have? If so, why didnt it. If not, could this be added as if every time I get a power cut Im going to have to take all 3 disks from the second pack from their various locations  into the router room and connect them one by one, thats going to be a real nuisance. (We probably get about 6 power cuts a year!)



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Re: BT Whole Home - Feature requests

Hello, I feel your pain on a few of these points.

1) I've just turned the lights off on them full stop, and to be honest I don't miss them, they still come on if there's a problem but in normal everyday working they are just off.

2) Being able to lock a device to a specific disc would be nice, for now you can disable steering which will stop it from moving things about, so will fix your problem but you'll need to know that other devices will do the same.

3) I agree more PC based changes are needed, they assume we are all app mad, when I brought my discs i couldn't install them until the wife came home as I didn't have a mobile phone.

4) this must happen I need it, I often find the discs linked to others in the opposite ends of the building yet 2 others will be much closer and with no devices connected.

5) that's a bug somewhere, I've got 6 discs, a kit of 2 originally, added an extra disc solo, then added another kit of 3 and I don't get that problem on power cuts, some take longer than others to come back, but they always all resync within say 5 mins.

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Re: BT Whole Home - Feature requests

 Hi thebroughfamily

Thanks for your feedback. It’s really useful.

2. Steering sounds good but not if it’s on all devices. Whilst I want to fix my static desktop PC , I would still want mobiles to move. Still, it’s a good tip. I wasn’t aware of it. 

5. I have only had one power cut since I setup so maybe either things hadn’t settled down enough since setup or I didn’t wait long enough. I’ll see what happens next time. Thanks for the reassurance.

Sounds like 1,3 and 4 have two votes at least!

Thanks again.


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