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BT Whole Home - Hidden devices & Groups

I have 3 discs and have been fairly happy with them. Occasionally they need a reboot, but I can live with that.

I have some devices in Groups, and one group for my son (Carls Devices) turns off wifi at 10:30 pm.

Last night at 10:30, my daughters laptop had wifi disabled at 10:30. However, she is not in the group Carls Devices

Worse, her laptop is NOT listed anywhere on the app. As a work around, I turned off the Access Controls for Carls Devices and she could use her laptop again.  This would make me think that somehow her laptop has joined the Carls devices group - but is not shown there in the app.

Another issue that occurred later than night - my daughters phone was blocked from wifi access at midnight. Strangely I have NO access controls set up for this time. However the error message was the same that you get when trying to use the internet when being blocked by access control. Again, her phone is NOT listed anywhere within the App (however lots of other devices are that we cannot remove!)

My intention with the Whole Home network was to not only spread wifi around the house, but to also micro manage devices (much like Ubiquiti Unifi AP's)

What can I do?

Perhaps I need to create a rule in my HomeHub - is this more reliable?

Is there a workaound or fix for this issue? I see others have had similar isues, but no resolution has been found.


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Re: BT Whole Home - Hidden devices & Groups


Have you spoken to the Whole Home Team? They maybe able to offer some help

By phone: 0808 100 6116

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm

Saturday 9.00am to 2.00pm

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Re: BT Whole Home - Hidden devices & Groups

There have been issues with the latest firmware v1.02.04 build 10, which, besides having discs drop their integration with the network, also has symptoms of devices losing their names or taking the names of other existing devices.

So your problem may be related.

I have to keep a table of MAC Ids (the unique code for each device) separately so that I can correct the names while waiting for a fix.
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Re: BT Whole Home - Hidden devices & Groups

Thanks Dean & Palazzo. I have called that number and they will send some further technical qustions via email.

Apparently this is a known issue - however, the number listed is to a third party company who handle complaints & issues on behalf of BT.

They explained that they have had a LOT of complaints about this, and confirmed it is likley related to the firmware update I performed a week or so ago.

They have informed BT, and are waiting for BT to get back to them with information about a new hotfix/patch/update to resolve the issue.

So far they have not had any feedback from BT. In my experience working as a software engineer, this is likely to be because BT are testing the issue themselves, and will only update when a root cause has been found and a resolution issued.

Time to sit back & be patient for a bit I think

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Re: BT Whole Home - Hidden devices & Groups

I'm now having to do the same!
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Re: BT Whole Home - Hidden devices & Groups

I made the stupid mistake of pausing the wifi and since then I have not been able to get some of my devices back on. I have rebootted all the disks, reconnected from the dropped devices, checked that they are not blocked within the app - but nothing works.

I will phone BT for advice, but I fear it is a factory reset again.

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