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BT Whole Home WiFi - Future features requests


The system IMO needs the folowing advanced features added on the next update:


1) The ability to seperate the 2.4ghz and 5ghz channels and give them independant SSID's.  I have several devices that are 5ghz but insist on connecting to 2.4ghz even when anywhere between 2 and 10 feet from a disc.


2) The abilty to force daisy chaining - force disc 3 to connect to disc 2 instead of 1 for example.


3) To be able to disable 2.4ghz or 5ghz per disc and the abilty to force 5ghz or 2.4ghz backhaul.  For excample I would like the disc in my dining room (disc2) to act as the only 2.4ghz accesspoint and be able to disable 2.4ghz on disc1 and 3.  This helps minimise 2.4ghz interference with neighbours etc.


4) Guest mode would be nice but not as important as making the devices more configurable.


5) It would be nice to be able to enable BT-WiFi on them to share as part of the BT-WiFi community.  I dont use a HH and even if i did i would disable Wifi completely as having another router transmitting so near to the whole home wifi system (point 3 springs to mind) cant be good!  Those who reckon that BT-WiFi remains on HH5 even when you disable wifi are wrong, it doesnt.  It takes a day or two but the BT-WiFi hotspot does disable and stops transmitting the SSID, it did on my HH5 before i changed it for the VR400.

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Re: BT Whole Home WiFi - Future features requests

Interesting points but not sure I see all of them as benefits.  Obviously having more config flexibility is always a good thing provided you do not lose some of the existing functionality.


Re your 1), the Whole Home is deliberately making decisions about which channel to use based on a number of factors.  Just because it is 5G device does not necessarily mean that a 5G connection is the best option at that time in that location.


Re 2) Daisy chaining is only one mode of operation for a mesh network, depending on your topology connecting say disc 3 to disc 1 may be the best option.  The larger the mesh the more likely this becomes so fine to have an extra daisychain option for when you want to constrain the mesh so long as it does not impact the more general case.


Sadly I fear that posting here will not change BT's development plans but we will see.

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Re: BT Whole Home WiFi - Future features requests

I think it's unlikely they will be made more configurable as you suggested in those ways. The whole point of "mesh" and Whole Home Wi-Fi systems like BT's and Google/Orbi etc is the fact that they take care of the correct band and all you need to do is remember a single SSID. Splitting SSIDs etc is a step backwards.


If you check the app description for BT Whole Home, there is some information about future features that are coming:


Coming Soon
We’re always looking to improve the Whole Home Wi-Fi app and have been listening to your feedback. We have an exciting roadmap of new features including extra ‘Pause’ controls which you can tailor to specific users or devices; the addition of Guest Network functionality; the ability to support up to 6 discs via the app and other improvements coming soon.

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Re: BT Whole Home WiFi - Future features requests

I agree that the entire point of theses systems is it should take care of things automatically but the sad reality is it doesnt.  having more advanced config options enables a user to troubleshoot issues and customise setup for instances when standard config just isnt working the best it could.

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