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BT Whole Home WiFi Premium - Discs turning orange after a few hours

I have a 4 disc setup, installed yesterday morning after some setup issues.

Initially it worked as I hoped, but after a few hours the three satellite discs turned orange.  I turned all discs off, and turned back on one at a time and waited for solid blue before turned on the next disc.  A few hours later it did the same.

This morning I repeated the turning off and on sequence, but this time also unplugged the discs (read on another forum post).  All good, but six hours later it happened again.

Pretty fed up with it now, I have spent far too much time on this system.  

I have what I believe to be a quite simple setup, mostly wireless devices but two of the satellites have Sky Q boxes plugged in, and one satellite has a switch with two PCs and a printer connected.  Nothing complicated at all.

If anyone has any advice on what to do about this it will be appreciated, or recommendation of an alternative product as I will gladly return this for a refund to get something that just works.

It’s a shame it’s problematic, when the discs are blue it works exactly how I want.


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Re: BT Whole Home WiFi Premium - Discs turning orange after a few hours

Had to run the reset process three more times today, so it’s back in the box and being returned to Amazon.  I’ll try the Netgear Orbi instead.

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