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BT Whole Home Wifi Issues - will new firmware fix them ?

I've posted some specific issues I've had with my BT Whole Home Wifi here before, and am aware that new firmware is expected later in Feb.


Can I just check that the new firmware is likely to fix all my issues:


  • Out of the blue, the system will just go offline for no apparent reason. Sometimes it comes back all by itself, other times I have to reboot the master disk then it's ok....until next time.
  • No daisy chaining - I have 6 discs that all connect straight the master disc, leaving me frequently with two poor connection discs. I can sometimes force this by rebooting the discs locally.
  • Google Homes seem to struggle to connect, often giving me the "there's a glitch" message. Rebooting the Homes makes them reconnect temporarily. I have three Google Homes, and this issue only happens on the two that are furthest from the master disc, and closest to the problem discs mentioned above.

Have been following the threads, and I think most of these issues have been experienced by others.

Can I expect fixes for these issues in the new firrmware ??




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Re: BT Whole Home Wifi Issues - will new firmware fix them ?

I have the same issue. I have 4 disks and they seem to be connected Tamdem not mesh.

Just added a 4th disk thinking that will cure a "poor connection" yet its much closer to the poor connection disk and hasnt changed anything?

I read that new firmware is comming out letting you connect the disks to the strongest, is it comming and why dosnt the system do that automatically?

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