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BT Whole Home Wifi - Unblocking Issues

I recently blocked my iPad but I have managed to unblock it since on the Whole Home app. Now, whenever I try to connect to the wifi using my iPad, it won't connect and continually says Incorrect Password, even though i am putting the correct password in.

There is also another device that on the app says is block yet I do not remember blocking it, and everytime I try to unblock it on the app, it does nothing and it still says that it is blocked.

I am also unable to connect my TV to the wifi.

I have tried restarting and using the app but it is useless. 

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Re: BT Whole Home Wifi - Unblocking Issues

Hiya, just checking how did you unblock it? I blocked a device and I’m unable to unblock it. App just doesn’t do any thing when I tap unblock
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Re: BT Whole Home Wifi - Unblocking Issues

I have managed to unblock my son's Xbox only by doing a factory reset on the whole system:

1) Unplug everything and take all the discs over to the router

2) connect the first disc by ethernet to router and then plug in and power up whilst pressing the reset botton (with a paper clip or similar).  Wait 1 minute for boot up and solid blue light

3) Go into the BT whole home app and connect to the BT Whole Home wifi (using admin password) and then name the disc

4) Repeat steps 2) and 3) with the other two discs

5) unplug  the discs that need to be relocated and move them back to where they came from (presumably one of your discs stays connected to the router via ethernet).  You should now be good to go.  Takes 15 minutes to half an hour.

Hope that this helps 

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Re: BT Whole Home Wifi - Unblocking Issues

I managed to unblock my wireless printer via the Android app, but I had to reset the device list. To do this, from within the app:


1. Select the middle page with the Icon that looks a little like a phone, this will be the "Devices" page.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, there should be a red button titled "Reset Device List"

3. Press this button, it will show a warning and you will need to confirm.

After a few minutes the network will restart, disconnected devices will have been forgotten (including all blocked devices), and devices will start connecting again, including any previously blocked devices.

It worked for me anyway.

Good luck

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