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BT Whole Home Wifi and Sonos question

I got the 3 pack of the BT Whole Home Wifi last week.  All up and running and seems to be working really well.  Main reason for buying was that despite having a sonos boost, the Sonos network kept dropping out.  I'm pleased to say that since i've set the Whole Home wifi up the Sonos system is working an absolute treat - so much more stable and speedy to connect from all devices  - can highly recommend if you too are having this issue.

I do have a question though that i'm hoping someone can help with...!

I currently have only 4 devices on the whole home wifi network - 2 phones, ipad and laptop.  My sonos system is connected to the old wifi network as is my echo dot and a few other smart home devices.   Seems a half job and silly but this was the order i set it up and as i said it's working a treat so i thought if it ain't broke don't fix it.

But here's the thing...As i'm sure many people know, Sonos speakers and device that's controlling them (e.g. phone/ipad) normally have to be on the same network.  However my phones, ipad and laptop are allowing me to control the Sonos within the house.  How is this happening?  I've not messed around with it much because it's working a treat but it's really confusing me. 

Tempted to get a whole home kit for my parents too but they've also got Sonos and because i don't know how it's working so well i'm reluctant to in case it's just me being lucky!

Look forward to any responses! 🙂

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Re: BT Whole Home Wifi and Sonos question

Strange But I do exactly the same

My SONOS uses the router WiFi and my ipads etc which control SONOS are on the BT Wholehome 

I too am reluctant to change the SONOS to wholehome as everything works so well


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Re: BT Whole Home Wifi and Sonos question

Good to know.  How strange though.

Wonder because the WiFi’s are linked, Sonos doesn’t see them as completely different.

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BT Devices Expert
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Re: BT Whole Home Wifi and Sonos question


Whole Home Wi-Fi only creates a new Wi-Fi network, your LAN (local network) is still provided by the router so all devices connected to the Whole Home Wi-Fi or router are able to communicate which is why you can still control devices while on router/WHW and vice versa.

Most other Whole Home Wi-Fi products are routers in their own right and will create a new LAN which can cause isolation issues between the networks.


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