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BT Whole Home Wifi regularly going down

I'm having an issue where my Whole Home Wifi network seems to be going down as when I try to open the app, it claims i'm not on the network. 

I originally assumed it to be my Virgin Router, but in that instance thought the app would at-least be able to recognise the discs (even if no internet access). Only solution seems to be to restart everything.

If the connection to the main router drops, should I still be able to access the discs through the app ? Any way to debug the issue ?

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Re: BT Whole Home Wifi regularly going down

If your App is shown the "You're not connected to your Whole Home Wi-Fi" screen even though you are sure you’re connected to the correct Wi-Fi network.
You may see an error code NWDIS-001 or 0101 when this occurs.
There are several reasons for the "You're not connected to your Whole Home Wi-Fi" screen to appear, some of these are legitimate and some are errors/bugs.
The below steps can be used to ensure the screen is not appearing for a legitimate reason:
A) Device is connected to wrong network
1. Confirm the router Wi-Fi network is not using the same SSID/network name as the Whole Home Wi-Fi
2. Confirm you have not either forgotten the network from their device or disabled Wi-Fi on their router
3. Confirm the connected network is the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

B) Device is connected but the device is keeping mobile data enabled (due to Internet access or dual-connection settings)
1. Check whether you have "smart network" settings enabled on their device to always leave mobile data on, even with Wi-Fi on
2. Check whether the app connects correctly if you turn off mobile data
3. Check whether the app connects correctly if you turn on flight/airplane mode and then manually enables Wi-Fi and connects

C) VPN or private DNS settings are blocking the app from discovering the network (app version 3.7.18 or later will detect this automatically and show a popup)
1. Confirm whether you have any VPN, private DNS or security software running on their device (Settings > Connections > More settings in Android).
2. Check if the app can discover the discs after disabling these settings

D) Network is blocking the app from discovering the primary disc
1. Confirm whether any managed network switches are being used that may block multicast or DNS traffic
2. Confirm whether custom DNS server(s) are being used that would prevent the primary disc resolving the DNS address (btwhole.home). This can be checked by entering http://btwhole.home for Premium Whole Home or http://mybtdevice.homefor Gen 1 Whole Home into the browser on a device connected to the WHW network
One Question : What IOS version is being used by the Phone/device.
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