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BT Whole Home Wifi speeds

I've been struggling with speeds for a while now. I used to be running 200mb/s broadband and once upon a time speeds from my mobile on wifi were around 167mb/s on the primary disk. 

Moving forward to today, we have 350mb/s I can only get around 56mb/s over wifi at the primary disc, when I connect to the router directly with ethernet I'm getting around 293mb/s.

BT Help have not been much help and their latest response is as follows;

"The primary disc (connected by Ethernet to the router) should see the same speed as your router, but the speeds the other discs get will not be as fast and will depend on their environment. Whole-Home Wi-Fi is a dual-band product, meaning that the “backhaul” Wi-Fi connection between each disc is shared with devices. This means devices connected to the discs can see a reduced bandwidth compared to the primary disc.​"

Now that I understand but I'm not sure they are understanding the issue.

What sort of speeds should I be seeing when connected to wifi?

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