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BT Whole Home wifi network dropping out


I've only just joined.  I've had a pair of the discs for about 6mths now and have worked perfectly.  Since mid November however,  I've been having wifi network dropouts where the whole mesh wifi network goes down and the IOS app cannot connect to the network to check.

The disc connected to the router keeps a solid blue light and the secondary disc's light flashes a slow blue indicating it's in WPS mode.  I have to power off both discs to get the network back.  This usually happened about once a day.

Since installed the latest firmware yesterday, this has gotten worse.  Literally every 1-2hrs I'm having to reboot the discs making them unusable really.  I phoned tech support who suggested a hard reset and setup which I did but that didn't make much difference.

Any ideas on whether this is an ongoing issue?  I am with Virgin with a Superhub 3.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: BT Whole Home wifi network dropping out

Hi, have you updated to the New software (released a couple of days ago) seems to have fixed a few problems. Good luck!
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Re: BT Whole Home wifi network dropping out

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Re: BT Whole Home wifi network dropping out

I have updated to latest firmware on Wednesday 28th November. It got worse.
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Re: BT Whole Home wifi network dropping out

Hi @lauwai86, sorry you're having trouble.

I know the helpdesk has already asked you to reboot your system, but sometimes a reboot also helps after an update even if you've previously rebooted. No need to reset and setup again though.

First, switch-off all your discs using the On/Off switch on the back of the discs.

Then switch them back on, starting with the disc connected to your router. Wait for its light to become permanently solid blue (it should take a couple of minutes).

Then switch-on the other discs.

Once that's done, you need to let the network settle itself which could take a couple of days. If you notice drops during that time, don't be tempted to reboot anything because that'll just disturb the "settling".

During that time, any drops should be very short; a few seconds and should not have huge impact on your internet experience. If drops are long, say several minutes, then obviously there's a more serious problem which you'll need to talk to the helpdesk about to raise a ticket.

Once your network has settled, there should be no need to reboot it regularly. Although like most piece of electronics, if something starts misbehaving, a reboot every few months is never a bad idea.


If you're also having a problem with the app not working, (even though your wi-fi is clearly working well), then try the following once the discs have settled:

- First, make sure that your phone is connected to the correct wi-fi network (go in your phone's wi-fi settings). If your phone is configured to connect with several wi-fi networks, it's best to "Forget / Remove" the ones you won't use when at home now that you have whole home wi-fi. If you don't do that, it's pot luck which one your phone decides to connect to and there's nothing whole home can do about that 🙂

- Make sure the wi-fi in your router is switched-off, or if you want to keep it On, that's okay, but make sure it has a different name to your whole home network

- Reboot your phone

Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

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