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BT Whole home connecting devices via ethernet

I have BT Whole home boosting my Virgin Media Hub 3 - standard set up ie one disc connected to the Virgin hub and 2 other discs working remotely. (I haven’t changed any settings on either Hub or the discs). All works brilliantly from a WiFi perspective. However, I tried to connect a device to one of the remote discs via the Ethernet on the back of the disc and it disabled the WiFi (blue light turned red). I don’t think this should happen? I bought the discs about 6 months ago -they are white. 

How can I fix this so I can connect a device to the remote disc via Ethernet? As you can tell I’m not a techie (!!!!) so easy to follow answers would be very much appreciated!! Thanks

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Re: BT Whole home connecting devices via ethernet

As this is a BT Retail customer forum, for BT Broadband customers, you are more likely to get a reply on the Virgin Media User forum. Try this link for some answers.

This is one post from one of the BT Devices expers which may help


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Re: BT Whole home connecting devices via ethernet

In my house I have 3 discs and I have a wired ethernet network too. I have lived here for years and the wired network came first.  I can get a really top quality wireless signal all over the house by taking an ethernet wire and plugging it into a disc. So each disc is connected to my router via a wire and then broadcasts a wireless signal. 


My understanding of your question is that you are trying to connect another device to the disc via ethernet. I don't think you can do that! The ethernet port is there for you to connect to the router.

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