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BT Devices Expert
BT Devices Expert
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Re: BT Whole home: connection but no internet

I had my discs delivered 9pm yesterday and was recieving the best wifi connection I have ever had in the house. However when thinking back now I updated the discs at 11pm and since then I have no Internet access to all my android devices and nest thermastat. However my Alexa devices and cameras are all fine.

1.02.06 build 11 is where it all went wrong for me.

However the guest network is stable and works fine on all devices. Have around 16 devices connected on wifi and the whole point I chose WH wifi was to avoid resetting each up.

Need this resolved ASAP please.

Spent hours on it today and didn't get to bed until super late yesterday. I may have to return the items back.

Hi @Samiemiah, sorry you're having problems.

Sometimes the update can disturb a "settled" network and cause these issues.

Restarting all the discs and letting the network settle for a couple of days usually does the trick.

First, switch off all your discs. Then switch them back on one by one starting with the disc connected to your router; wait a couple of minutes until its light is solid blue, then switch the other discs on one by one.

Then wait a couple of days. If you see short drop outs or amber lights during this time, don't be tempted to reboot the discs. Just let them settle.

Of course if the drop outs are very long or the discs never settle, then there's another issue; in which case let us know here, or call the helpdesk.

Hope this helps.

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Re: BT Whole home: connection but no internet

Hi, as I mentioned on previous post. I attempted the reset instructions given to another member by your BT technicians with no success. Still having the same issues. Have noticed also my nest thermostat has no connection also although strong reception and connected. Guest network has become very patchy since the reset also.

Have also reset my router to factory settings.

Please keep me a fix ASAP. No WiFi is driving me mad! I am in a relatively smart home with alot of devices relying on a stable WiFi to work.

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