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BT WholeHome App not working even though WiFi is fine


Wondering if anyone can help.  I bought a 4 disc BT WholeHome set to work with my Virgin Media router.  (Am not BT customer).

My BT WholeHome Wifi network works fine but I cannot get the App on my iPhone to see the system anymore. It kept coming up with various error messages and saying cannot "Connect to your Wifi network" (which was working fine).

In frustration I tried deleting the App and re-downloading.  It says Connect To Your Router then Turn On Disc and then connect to WiFI as if it is a new system.  When you do Next on all the options it says "Unable to detect new disc".

Can anyone offer any solutions as it is incredibly frustating.. 

Thanks in advance

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Re: BT WholeHome App not working even though WiFi is fine

@thediceman Can you try resetting the discs to factory default to see if that helps?

First, make sure the discs are switched on

  1. On each disc press the Reset button (on the rear of the disc) for one second. Wait a couple of minutes to reboot
  2. If everything’s OK, the LED will turn purple, flashing blue and then solid blue. Please also see the disc’s LED settings card on the rear for default factory settings
  3. Your network name and admin password will revert back to what is shown on the back of the discs
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