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BT WholeHome Wifi - Incorrect Password Issue


We are 3 weeks in to using the WholeHome. On the whole it seems to work robustly and it has certainly improved the connection in those places where Wifi signal was previously weak.

We have 4 discs, all of which are plugged in via Ethernet so they show as having an 'Excellent Connection'. It's mystery why some devices don't connect to the nearest disc, even when those discs might have less devices connected to them however if it all works, I don't mind which disc they connect to.

However we are finding that an iPhone 7 and now an iPad Mini (with IOS 12.4) keeps being chucked off and prevented from connecting due to "Incorrect Password". The device has not been blocked. A reset of the network seemed to cure the issue but the same thing has happened again a few days later. We also have a guest network running and attempting to connect to this one also ends up with the same 'Incorrect Password' notification.

Is there a known problem with IOS 12.4 (the problem only seemed to occur after the 12.4 update)? My existing router never needs to be restarted (Vigor 2925) and I don't expect to have to restart the WholeHome Wifi every couple of days just to keep everything connected.

Again, I can't find anything on this in the FAQs although I have noted that the problem has arisen before although I could not see a definitive solution. As far as I can see there are no IP conflicts.


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Re: BT WholeHome Wifi - Incorrect Password Issue

Try going to Settings > Wi-Fi > Click the ‘i’ in a circle next to your Wi-Fi name and press Forget this Network. Reboot your device and connect again. Then monitor it over the next few days...

When this issues occurs, does your device change the disk they are connected to?

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Re: BT WholeHome Wifi - Incorrect Password Issue

A few things to check. Are all the discs showing on the app with the disc name you selected.
Check the discs have the latest firmware.
Confirm if the problem is only with this device. I.e. do other devices have the same problem.
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