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BT Wholehome aligning devices to discs

I've been looking at the App on my iPhone and some device I have, xbox for example is right next to a BT wholehome disc but decides to connect to one in another room of lesser signal strength. is there a way of steering the devices hook up to the disc with the best signal? many thanks

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BT Devices Expert
BT Devices Expert
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Re: BT Wholehome aligning devices to discs

Hi @Hodkinsonrj 

The discs will try to steer your devices automatically to the best disc but there are several factors that may explain why a device is not connected to what would seem the best disc:

1. Device has a good signal even though it's not the closest - The Whole Home Wi-Fi system avoids unnecessarily disrupting your device's connection when it doesn't really need to, so if the signal is good (generally -70dBm or better) steering wouldn't offer much benefit

2. Device is streaming/generating a lot of network traffic - The WHW system avoids steering a device if it is generating a lot of network traffic so try leaving it connected and idle before using any services

3. Some devices are "sticky" and won't move even when requested by the discs - Some devices remember which disc they connected to when you first set them up and will always connect to this specific disc, no matter how many times the WHW system tries to steer them. You can try to correct this by resetting the device's network settings and pair it again while next to the disc to see if this helps.


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