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BT Wi Fi Disc Flashing blue and not connecting

Hi all, I’ve just upgraded to complete wi-fi plus halo to improve the wi-fi connection in my bedroom. Having plugged in my new Smart Hub 2 I expected to see vastly increased wi-fi signal vs smart hub 1...I didn’t! If anything the signal seems worse.

I then burned through multiple hours of my time unsuccessfully trying to setup the black wi-fi discs. Every time I follow the setup process via the app (or manually), after the disc has been plugged in and  connected to the hub I get the correct sequence of lights including a solid blue. HOWEVER, after removing the Ethernet all I see is flashing blue, with intermittent flashing red advising me the disc isn’t connected to the hub. So painful.

Hopefully someone can help specifically:

1. Should I expect hub 2 to perform worse than hub 1?

2. What’s the problem with the discs and how do I resolve?

I’m still in my 14 day cooling off period so tempted to just send it all back and stick with my good old Smart Hub 1. Yes my signal won’t be perfect but I don’t know how much more time I can waste trying to get this kit setup. I’m no broadband and wi-fi expert but I’m also no technophobe (I work in digital and tech!). The user experience so far has been very poor.



Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

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Re: BT Wi Fi Disc Flashing blue and not connecting

Hi @Jumanj, welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry to see you're having problems connecting your discs. Your Hub 2 should perform as well as if not better than the Hub 1 but the extended range is archived by using the discs. If you haven't tried already can you factory reset both the Hub and discs using the pinhole button on the back then follow the setup process if that doesn't work you may have a faulty disc and I'd recommend calling 150 from your landline to report a fault and they'll check that and replace it if needs be. 

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