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BT Wi-fi Extender 1200


I have issues with my BT Wi-fi Extender 1200 that you connect into the wall. 

Currently I have an Ethernet from the extender plugged into my pc, tv and gaming consoles. I want to also be able to connect over Wi-fi to my phone and laptop. The issue is, on my pc it won’t load certain webpages such as Twitter citing dns or connection time out errors. It also will not connect over Wi-fi to my phone or laptop.


To solve this problem I tried resetting the extender, which worked to a point. I finally had regained full use of my PC through Ethernet with over 100mbs download and 50mbs upload, and could access any and all sites. It also allowed me to connect to my phone and laptop over Wi-fi. HOWEVER, the other Ethernet cables plugged into my consoles saw reduced speeds of barely 3mbs even though my PC was yielding results of over 100. So I thought no worries, I’ll just connect these over Wi-fi. Everything was working as normal. 

Then a couple days later it went back to the same old problem even though NOTHING had changed. My pc would stop connecting to certain sites with DNS errors or time out errors hitting me. My consoles regained internet speeds of over 100mbs using an Ethernet and once again I couldn’t connect my phone or laptop over internet. 

Is there any solution to this that will work long term? It’s frustrating because my internet barely reaches upstairs, and that’s where I spend the majority of my time at home and coming home to try and fiddle with this with little success is becoming irritating. Please let me know if there’s something blatantly obvious I have missed, but I can’t be sure now cause I got it to work the way it should for a short period of time.


Thank you -

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Re: BT Wi-fi Extender 1200

Hi @juba, welcome to the forum, and thanks for your post.

It would be best if you get in touch with the Wifi extender Product Help Desk as they're best placed to help you resolve this.



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