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BT WiFi AC1200 Extender Masking MAC Addresses


Have recently purchased a BT Dual Band AC1200 WiFi Extender, this has been working well, however I have found an issue that is causing me some issues. For reference, the device is being used in a home environment but with quite a lot of devices (20 - 30)

One key issue relates to have some devices that cannot be configured with a static IP Address, so for the sake of simplicity I have been using DHCP Static IP mapping on my router to resolve this (Chromecast s etc)

However when these devices connect to the extender the Mac address reported at the Router/DHCP server has been "masked" and appear similar to 02:0F:B5:xx:xx:xx. In turn this means that I can't map the MAC addresses as you can only map one MAC address to an IP and worse still the "masked" MAC addresses look like they can change.

Additionally I have noticed that if/when the router the devices is associated with reboots the WiFi Extender seems to think it can handle some DHCP server functions as clients are handed IPs. This functionality is not controllable in any way and can end up conflicting with other network devices, which causes further frustrations as I have has instances of unexpected IP conflicts.

Are there any known work arounds for these issues or would it be likely that there could be future firmware changes that would resolve them?

Thanks in advance!!
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