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BT just delivered an extra router

BT just delivered a shiny new Smart Hub2 and a pair of WiFi handsets.

Problem is, I already have a set of the same equipment installed and working. I think what's happened is that I was originally given tomorrow as a date for a full fibre installation, that was brought forward and installed 3 weeks ago, but someone forgot to cancel the original order for a router and handsets.

I can't seem to find how to start up an on-line chat, and I'm not spending 30 minutes on hold to notify BT of their mistake.

Does anyone know if there is some way I can arrange for BT to get someone to come and collect it? I guess I could post it back to the recycling point in Darlington, but that would require me to visit a post office, besides which they might realise it's gone missing and ask for it back!

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