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BT mini connectors not working

BT mini connectors not working help please

Hopefully someone can get to the bottom of this, since moving to BT our mini connectors have not worked. I can pair them whilst they are in adjacent sockets but as soon as they are  moved to the correct places they lose the signal. The closest they get is one connector with 2 blue lights and the other with a blue Ethernet and then orange data light. We’ve had an engineer visit who managed to get them to work but as soon as he left the next day they were disconnected again. Our hub is in an extended part of the house and the engineer seemed to think this may be causing the problem. We’ve had another set of connectors delivered today in case the first were faulty but having the same issues. Now we have 4 connectors can we try use all 4? Thanks 

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Re: BT mini connectors not working

The Mini Connector Kit is just a powerline device, so the same rules apply to all,
• They don’t work if connected to a noisy power supply i.e. next to noisy electrical motors etc.
• Always use on powers ring that are served from the same consumer unit, (If your home has been extended its possible you have more than one)
• Older wiring (power) often has bad (HR) connections or old sockets etc. you'll see power lines work in the same room but as soon as you move them they can fail or run slow.
If you have older wiring or more than one consumer unit (Fuse boxes) look at Wi-Fi Extenders or Whole Home Wi-Fi.
Hope this helps
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