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BT whole home mesh speed issue

Hi - pls acould anyone advise on a mesh speed issue?  I cannot get whole home mesh speed above 22 mps.  I just upgraded to BT 50 Mbps fibre - was told I should see 38 Mbps given distance from exchange. Connecting an Ethernet cable to router gives we a very variable speed of 20 - 41 Mbps. However, on the mesh network I get 22 Mbps and cannot increase - I had this before the upgrade and is still sits there.  I use a BT smart hub with the WiFi switched of and Ethernet cables run to 2 of the 4 mesh discs I have ( primary and tertiary - the latter because it is a long way from router - so I have a long Ethernet cable to it).  I’ve spoken to BT who said they were fixing the issue - but nothing changed. Have restarted router, restarted mesh - and I am stuck at 22 Mbps.  Is the very variable speed over Ethernet a sign something is not running well?   Many thanks

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Re: BT whole home mesh speed issue


I'd comment that the wireless speeds are significantly slower (i.e. around 20Mbps) if you use the 2.4GHz band rather than 5GHz.

Had a few problems with the "steering" myself which means I've had a phone stuck using 2.4MHz even though I could get well over 100Mbps when I can persuade it to use 5GHz (I have 200Mbps Virgin).

So, if the device you are measuring the performance on supports 5GHz try:

1. Turning off all the Steering (there's a "hidden" menu for this that can be accessed once you have logged in - you should be able to find deails in other posts);

2. Restart the mesh network

3. Turn all Steering back on

4. Restart the mesh network

(I found that changing steering without a restart seemed to make results more unpredictable).

If your device only supports 2.4GHz you might b stuck with the lower wireless speed.

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