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BT whole home wifi slow

I have 4 bt discs dotted around the house but am getting barely 50 mbs on them if I log onto router I get 219mbs any ideas as to why this is .

I have 3 discs hard wired to the router and one wireless. I have unplugged the cable into the discs and plugged into laptop and run a speed Test and am getting 250mbs so seems to be the discs. 


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Re: BT whole home wifi slow

A few things to check, (1) Turn off all but the master discs connect to the Whole Home Wi-Fi and check you have the latest firmware using the app then complete a speed test, you should have the same or near to the HUB's Wi-Fi speed.
If its ok then turn on the rest, wait for a solid blue LD on each, then using the App go to HELP > Email and click SHARE, this will build an email to send to the helpdesk. (don't send it yet) have a look you should see in disc Detail the signal strength at the end of the dis detail. if it’s in the -80's you should try repositioning the discs.
Still have a problem add some detail to the email above, detailing the problem and send to the BT Helpdesk, just remember to confirm the HUB type in the mail.