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BT wifi disc being weird - won't pair

Hi, so i'm having a problem with one of my BT discs - bear with me here as a lot has happened.

So initially i had a BT hub 2 and two discs which were working without issue, absolutely flawlessly out of the box - apart from parental controls were not working. BT sent me a new hub to attempt to resolve this.

This morning i plugged in the new hub, set it up etc and noticed it wasn't quite behaving normally. I changed the wireless SSID and password to match the old one so in theory all my devices should just work however none of them would just reconnect, i had to manually enter in all the passwords again, which i was hoping to avoid

i started reconnecting some of the devices and re-paired one of the BT discs but two of our xboxes simply refused to connect to the new hub, using the same credentials as before.

I also checked parental controls and I could still get on pornhub so it's not a device issue.

with this in mind i plugged the old hub back in, the xboxes magically reconnected and almost all was well in the household.

i can't get the wi-fi disc that i re-paired to connect _back_ to the original hub. i've factory  reset it, gone through the setup process but it's just refusing to connect. it get to the stage where you unplug it, then wait for a solid blue light before moving it to wherever it needs to be in the house. the light never goes solid blue and it does appear in the "My BT" all but in a disconnected state

any ideas?

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