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BT500 Broadband Extender and BT Mini Wi-Fi Home Hot spot- No Data light


After many searches and reading posts I was frustrated as many other users of the kit in that data was not being transmitted on set up I telephoned BT Technical help and must congratulate the lady I spoke to.

Please read and follow my findings as I will reinstall both as I write and hope my explanation helps relieve your frustration just as it did mine!!!

1/Reset Broadband extender by plugging in and remove ethernet cable. Press and hold Link button for 15 seconds. Only light showing should be green Power.

2/ Turn off and remove from socket. Plug baxck in after 30 seconds. Do not power up. Plug in ethernet cable from router.

3/ Plug in Mini Wifi Home Hot Spot in same room (I used adjacent double socket)

4/Power up both extender and hot spot

5/With pin/pencil press reset button on hot spot. Wait till Wireless light turns red and then goes out. Leaves only power initially. The wireless light then turns green.

6/Power and Data light on extender remains green.  Soon after WPS link turns green showing connection and Data light on extender turned green

7/Leave to stabilise for 10 mins with all lights green on Hot Spot ie power,wps link and wireless with same on extender ie Power,Ethernet and Data.

8/Please note I did not press ANY Link buttons once the Extender had been Reset in 1

9/After 10 mins I removed Hot Spot and took to room other end of house and plugged in.

10/Hot Spot plugged in and turned on. Wait for set up. Power light shows straight away followed by wireless and WPS Link.

11/Internet radio reconfigured to HOT Spot router and pressed WPS link to allow connection. All connected perfectly. Happy Days listening to Jonnie Walker on Sunday afternoon !!! 

12/Hope this helps !!