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BTWH - upgrade to v1.02.11 build02

I have a 6 disc system that's been running on something like v1.02.5 for months and months. I heard bad experiences in the press and on this forum about upgrading quite a long time ago, but today I plucked up the courage and pressed the Upgrade button - straight to v1.02.11 build02 - watch me fly!

Silly me.

I still have Internet access... but I'm experiencing the blank screens in the web admin. interface - across Network Status (big grey box), Discs Status (same), Devices... on Setup - IP Addressing I have all my 6 discs with assigned IP addresses but this is completely empty, System - System Information (grey screen).

I was disappointed. Not 100% surprised something didn't go right. I thought the app. would save me, so I updated that and now it won't even recognise the BTWH system - says "First discovery attempt failed, will retry" and spouts an error Setup-012... it then retries and retries (always saying it failed the first time). 😁

I figured I wanted to roll-back (never having done that before)... but if I go to http://btwhole.home/rollback.htm then there's no rollback version and the Check button just spins (left it for minutes just in case - nothing).

I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and set myself up for the latest-latest-latest... early adopter... System - Firmware Update - Early Adopter is showing - I can change it to Enabled, but when you press the Save button it says - "sync earla dopter config msg send error" (sic)

I have power-cycled the 6 discs... same situation.

If anyone was able to advise me, I'd probably appreciate it. I am not looking to do a factory reset (not again!).

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Re: BTWH - upgrade to v1.02.11 build02

Just to say I did a search and someone raised something like this before and BT gave information saying - "Thanks for the feedback. This is a known issue affecting some setups and will be fixed in the next firmware update." - but that was in 2018, so I'm not sure it would pertain to this level of firmware in 2020.
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