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Baby Monitor 6000

So I bought a BT Baby Moniotor 6000 for use with our new addition.

I run an IDS (intrusion detection system)  on my home network. This alerted me too 2 connections to Vultr VPS, in itself not an issue although was probably expecting BT to use AWS or Azure. Anyway I contacted customer service to enquire what these are and if its reasonable to block them. I assumed (and appreciate one will be dynamic dns type thing for the app) but my worry was watching random 24mb of data ping off to one of the servers. I blocked this anyway and it had no noticeable affect on the device. 

Customer service seemed keen to help but would never answer my basic questions and asked for the logs from my device, which I sent. From that point on I seem to be ignored when contacting them (please note: I have never been rude in any interactions and simply trying to understand what the services are its connecting too).

In a rare moment I also saw it try to port scan some random vodafhone IPs but I need to look at that in more detail and it stopped shortly after I sent the logs.

I can't see much in T&C about it needing to make such connections.

Anyone ever had a straight answer from customer support on any if this ? 

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