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Black Disc Ethernet - cannot access NAS

Hi, apologies if this has been asked already.

I have a smart hub 2 and 1x black disc. 
I use a LibreElec media player to play music and video from my NAS, which is connected  to my smart hub 2 via ethernet.  I cannot use wifi on the LibreElec device as it is too slow for some HD content and it is connected to my disc via ethernet.

My problem is that I have internet access on my LibreElec device, and it is showing that it is assigned the correct IP address, but it will not connect to my NAS via NFS.  It is as though the disc's ethernet provides internet access but not access to another device on my network.
If I use my old TP-Link RE200 extender instead of the BT Disc, it works fine.

Is this a limitation of the disc, or perhaps I'm missing something?

Thanks, Marcus.

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