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Broadband & weather

When a BT engineer reports directly to us that a household set up is 100% and a problem exists outside the house, can the weather affect your experienced broad band speed? The Engineer suggested that water in a connection from rain can slow a Broadband speed experienced form (45mb per ?) to 22 mb per ? or less . Can a loose connection be affected by wind and have the same effect?     2nd Question What can cause a phone call to go to another std exchange and ring two lines at the same time? One the call you are making and also to another number you called the previous day (or they called you) previously)? Rings both numbers, both answer and can hear the conversations but I am not aware of the 2nd connection? We get one call intended and some interference on the line.  I do not suspect espionage, but this one is a mystery. both numbers at the other exchange were to relatives, i.e. separate households 5 miles apart in Basingstoke area on 18th May 2020..


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