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Complete Wi-Fi Problems

 Signed up for 18 mths SuperFast Fibre Plus unlimited with Complete Wi-Fi.

The Complete Wi-Fi has unfortunately been a problem from the start. We started with the Smart Hub 2 and one disc. This proved insufficient so BT obliged and sent me a second disc.  We were still not getting a good enough signal in every room so BT checked and informed us that some of our connected devices were struggling so I received a third disc. Our Wi-Fi problem doesn't resolve  so I'm eventually transferred to the Video Call Team who decided we needed an engineer visit. The engineer that came only talked generally about Wi-Fi problems and mentioned that they had changed some of the Wi-Fi channels on the hub. They didn't know why many of our devices showed weak signal. Our house Wi-Fi connectivity was worse after they left so I telephone BT for help and another engineer visit is scheduled. This time unknown to me a broadband fault has been raised so an Openreach Engineer attends to confirm that our Broadband speed is good and BT are resonsible for the routers. The Broadband speed was never an issue. Many more phone calls to BT, fobbed off, given contradictory information , cut off but finally BT agree to send another engineer to look at our Wi-Fi setup.  Also informed if we need another disc these can be purchased at an expensive price. 

Unfortunately the engineer that came this third visit is the same BT engineer we first saw. Sorry but they didn't seem so knowledable about the complete Wi-Fi settings within the MY BT app given they were surprised I could tell which devices were connecting to each respective disc or hub. 

All our three discs show good connection in the MY BT App, but several (many ) devices show a weak Signal strength resulting in spasmodic Wi-Fi buffering or dropped connections. Even devices in the same room as our Smart Hub 2 show a weak signal strength within the MY BT App. 

Now to my surprise the last attending BT engineer has told me to try reducing the number of discs to see if the weak signal improves on connected devices. Apparently the BT Wi-Fi discs can interfere with each other reducing the signal. This seems like a backword step and I am struggling to understand the logic as I thought your devices will just connect to the disc/hub with the strongest signal. To experiment I turned one disc off today so now one of the other discs is cycling between  weak connection  or good.

The Complete Wi-Fi we presently have is better than our previous Smart Hub but it costs so much extra per month.  We just want it to function and work correctly as BT have claimed without the agro.

This is taking so much time. Does anyone have any ideas or what else I should do or try.

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Re: Complete Wi-Fi Problems

Hi @Unlucky_man93 

I have noticed the “Signal strength: Weak” on some devices in the My BT App which is clearly wrong. I have no idea what it indicates but it is not the signal strength from the Hub or Discs, perhaps the return signal from the device. I have ignored it for 6 months and everything works perfectly. The “Signal strength: Weak” is consistent for the same devices no matter where they are located  

To get a good indication of the actual signal strength I recommend using something like WiFi Analyzer for PC. 

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Re: Complete Wi-Fi Problems

Oh dear. Not a good advert for complete Wi-fi?


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Re: Complete Wi-Fi Problems

I also see the My BT app give inaccurate information, often seeing ‘weak signal’ when the opposite is true. In fact, I think the My BT app is pretty poor at managing the Complete WiFi setup. So far as I can see you can’t even rename devices on the network and it doesn’t accurately display the device names you have setup.

I find that using the Advanced Settings on the Smart Hub Manager gives more control for configuring the network and more accurately displays the status/strength of the network. I also use WiFi Explorer on a Mac and Net Analyser on my iDevices to get a clear picture of my setup.

Before I had Complete WiFi I had BT Whole Home WiFi and I think the BT WholeHome app that controls that is far superior to the My BT app.

In short, take the info that My BT provides with a pinch of salt Smiley Wink

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