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Complete WiFi (Smart Hub 2 and Black discs)

Just taken delivery and set up, but having quite a few issues.

1. I have set up Hub and 1st disc, and get anywhere from an excellent to weak connection.  I’ve used both the app and logging onto hub to see these results.  It seems that it’s switching between 2.4 and 5ghz, and this causes the strength to fluctuate.

2. I’ve now turned off 5ghz on router and connection strength more consistent.  However additional discs connect to first disc via 5ghz, and not 2.4ghz.  This thus limits the distance between discs as 5ghz not as strong.  How do I force all discs to connect only on 2.4ghz. I’ve tried resetting discs after making changes to hub, but still they connect on 5ghz.  Tried WPS button to connect on 2.4ghz, but no joy.

3. I have my furthest disc in my garage, but this insists on connecting only to the hub, even though there are discs much closer and in line of sight.  As this connects to the hub, it does so on 2.4ghz.  Why won’t this connect to the nearest disc? How do I force a daisy chain of my choosing?

4. the BT app for Complete WiFi, not as good as the one for Whole Home WiFi, why does the latest tech not have at least if not better functionality than the older tech.  Can there be a Compete WiFi app please, with functionality to set discs to daisy chain, and pick what channel they connect on I.e. 2.4 or 5ghz. After all I know my home better, and where the thick walls are, and the foil backed insulation, thus I need to control this functionality, not the tech.

Any help appreciated on the above specific issues. 

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