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Complete WiFi kit Vs Whole Home Kit?

BT has just released its new smart hub and whole home kit replacement, with seemingly little fanfare. I have a few queries about this. How will the new "Complete Home" kits compare to the whole home kits? Are they the same? Will support for our paid kits be dropped in favour of these new free kits? Any plans on refunding those of us that had to spend time and money trying to fix the inadequacies of the Smart Hub, now that BT is giving seemingly the same products away for free? We had to purchase two kits (six whole home hubs) to achieve consistent signal throughout our house (strange layout and thick walls), at considerable cost.
Will BT offer to replace our disks with the newer versions, of the newer ones are less faulty products? (Despite all the firmware updates we still find our connection or random disks will drop out fairly often)
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Re: Complete WiFi kit Vs Whole Home Kit?

Both are totally different propositions from what I can see.
Also, complete wifi is NOT free. It also doesn't look like it supports access controls like whole home wifi does.
Looks interesting if you're already a BT customer though.
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Re: Complete WiFi kit Vs Whole Home Kit?

Hi @ishamm,

Thanks for the comment and welcome to the community.

I created a discussion over on our Wi-Fi board today to offer some more information on Complete Wi-Fi but also to garner questions so that I can find the answers to.  

Would you mind posting any questions related to Complete Wi-Fi on this thread, Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT some of the product team will be interacting directly Smiley Happy




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Re: Complete WiFi kit Vs Whole Home Kit?

It isn't a free service, it's a subscription on your account. You pay a little extra. If you've bought the whole home kits in the past 30 days you can have a refund under consumer law.
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