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Connecting essential WiFi powerline 500 and broadband extender 600 devices.

I have been using an essential WiFi powerline 500 to extend our wifi to the back of the house.

We also have four old Orange (Devolvo) homeplugs we have been using for fixed devices.

We have recently changed broadband providers and need to connect the router in the bedroom to the set top box in the sitting room.

The old Orange homeplugs do not work. The 500 does but by doing that I lose the ability to extend WiFi to the back of the house.

I bought a pair of broadband 600s today with the intention of connecting the 500s and 600s and doing away with the aging Orange devices. The BT help pages for the two devices suggest this should be fine - both state "Link with other HomePlug AV powerline adaptors" and both are compatible with AV200, AV500 & AV600.

However I cannot get the two systems to talk to each other. I have tried the 'link' button on all devices. 

Should I be able to connect the two? What am I missing?

An incidental finding is that the older 500 device works absolutely fine with the TV but, when I changed over to the 600s we got broken up TV pictures and complete loss of signal.

Is there a fundamental problem with the 600s?

Should I just return the 600s and buy a wireless access point to use with one of the old Orange devices?

Broadband router and set top box are TalkTalk.

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Re: Connecting essential WiFi powerline 500 and broadband extender 600 devices.

Who is your broadband provider TALK TALK.

you can only connect one set of extenders/powerlind adapters to the mains circuit so you need to be able to pair the 500 & 600 

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Re: Connecting essential WiFi powerline 500 and broadband extender 600 devices.

Yes TalkTalk.
How do I go about pairing the 500s and 600s?
I vaguely remember with the old Orange powerline adaptors that I had to connect to each with a Delolvo program to join the two pairs into group of four. Were talking about ten years ago now so it is only a very vague memory.
Is there something similar available to do this with these?
I have found BT configuration tool, but that only appears to be for WiFi systems.
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