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Connection to Mini WiFi Home Hotspot

I have a SH2 and I use a Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 powerline arrangement to spread the wifi to the edges of the house. That all works well except for one thing.

In particular, I have a fairly elderly HP laptop (which still works well in every other respect) which, without fail, when connected to the hotspot (whether wirelessly or by ethernet cable) causes the SH2 to drop its connection to the internet. The strange thing is that when the laptop connects wirelessly to the SH2 itself, there is no problem. Equally, when I had the same system but with a HH5 there was no problem.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the relevant board in the laptop, but that makes no difference. My question, therefore, is why the laptop would connect fine direct to the SH2 but not via the hotspot and why would it be fine with the HH5 but not the SH2? Has anybody else come across this sort of problem and, if so, is there a solution?

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