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Cordless phones Beep for new answerphone messages, but NOT when you put handset on charger cradle

We had an old Freestyle 750 set which did just what we wanted, but in upgrading to a newer cordless answerphone combination I'm having trouble find out which ones do the following:

1) Beeps intermittently to notify that a new answerphone message is waiting for you (which stops beeping once the message has been listened to).

2) However MUST NOT beep really annoyingly every time you put a handset down onto one of the charger cradles. How aggravating is that at night?

3) Must have a speakerphone mode on the handsets.

We also want handsets with decent sized buttons and large display text size, but not overly complex (no point in a snazzy colour touch screen for example). Ideally something like the BT Essensial range ( would be great but with the first two features listed above.


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