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Decor 2600 answerphone problem


I think I've spotted a design error in the Decor 2600 - or maybe there's something I can change in settings?

According to the user guide:

"All calls not in your Contacts or Allowed list are sent straight to the Answer Phone including those on your Blocked list"

This is true: however, when someone calls from any of these lists, we can hear (from the phone's speaker) the outgoing message which is being played to the caller, and if we pick up the phone during that message we are connected to the caller.

This is not ideal:  we've bought the phone for my Mum, who has dementia, and therefore can't retain any of the instructions we give her about how the use the phone. So I fear she will pick up the phone when she hears that outgoing message, and thus be connected to precisely the people we're trying to screen her from.

Ideally we want that outgoing message NOT to be played through the phone's speaker - we want the process to happen without Mum even knowing that it's happening. But there doesn't seem to be any way to turn it off.

Interestingly - and I'm not sure if this is pertinent here - the situation I've described here happens exactly the same whether AnswerPhone is switched on OR off on the phone.

Any suggestions most welcome!

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