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Having trouble with my Broadband Extender flex500


I've got a BT device Home-hotspot-500 couple days ago. Setup tried last night but not working. Broadband Externder flex 500's power led has not lit ON when it is plugged in any socket even other leds but it has power in its extension socket. I see the power led syncs like a flash every time I plugged in. The yellow cable has connected from the hub and tried 15 seconds press-hold on its link button too. I found the hotspot device working with both power and wifi leds lit ON but not the Data. 

Kindly give your best advice to this problem.


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Re: Having trouble with my Broadband Extender flex500

Hi have a look at BT’s FAQ’s at
Try this First, try to turn it off, then back on again. Wait a couple of minutes to check if the Data light comes back on.
If the Data light stays off, you can simply reconnect your extender to your existing home network by carrying out the following steps:
1. Make sure your broadband extender or hotspot is plugged directly into a wall power socket which is switched on
2. Press the Link button on the extender for 5 to 8 seconds. Wait for the Power light to go back to steady green
3. Press the Link button again, this time for 1 second
4. Within 2 minutes, press the Link button on one of the broadband extenders already in your home for 1 second to complete the connection to the network
Wait for connection to complete. If everything’s okay, the Power and Data indicators on the extender will light up.
If you still have a problem email the BT Helpdesk on ask for help
If the unit is faulty the Broadband Extender Flex 500 Kit is guaranteed for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. So you will have to return to your point of sale.
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