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Hh6 and Whole Home Wifi

Hi, I have just upgraded To HH6 from HH5 and am adding Whole Home to cover any dead spots to give great wifi everywhere for gaming and streaming ( 4 kids). The HH6 is a big improvement on the HH5. Can i site the 1st whole Home via lan cable in another room, position the other hubs to maximise signal and run all hubs incl HH6 rather than disable the HH6 wifi. That way I have 4 hubs covering the house. I believe I can change the whole home ssid to match the HH6. Thanks.
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Re: Hh6 and Whole Home Wifi

To refine my question. The whole home is being delivered next week. I know my devices should seamlessly connect to the best whole home hub as I move around the house. If I set the ssid to the same as the HH6 will that also “join” the mesh network and devices switch to that when it is the strongest? I suspect the answer is “No” and that switching to the Home Hub will need to be done manually, so it will be better to keep the ssid s separate. That said I already have 5 Apple extremes (3x 6th gen downstairs,1x 5th gen upstairs and 1x 1st gen in conservatory) operating as a single ssid network and am planning to decommission them in favour of a proper mesh system. The Apples provide ok solution downstairs but not so good upstairs as the signal is weak no matter how I locate them. However the HH6 is kicking out a stronger signal than the Apples downstairs already with a better range, so am pleased with that. Why ditching the Apples? Running ethernet to the upstairs router is difficult.
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