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Hotspot 600 self-assigned IP

About 6 weeks ago I have a perfect set up with 4 hotspots, all cloned and running well. Then it started going wrong for no reason I can figure. I have tried everything, had 2 or 3 calls with BT and even bought a new set - so I have 3 full sets now!

A small example of the problem: I factory reset 2 H/Ss and the Extender (the duratiions for all resets and links on these devices are not what appears in the instructions so I have to press a lot longer). It all works. I put the 2 H/Ss in different rooms and it works. Then one doesn't and my Mac System Preferences  says it has a self-assigned IP (sometime 3 lights are on the H/S, sometimes 2). I swap the H/Ss into different rooms and one works then swap back and a different one works. 

Another example: I get 2 working and try to link to another one to extend the network (I need at least 4 in the house) and one of the originals stops working - self-assigned IP again

It's crazy

Please help.

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