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**LATEST** Virgin Smart Hub 3 with Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi Issues

Hi All,

We are aware of an issue that some customers are currently having with their BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi system intermittently causing a disconnection of internet when paired with some Virgin Hub routers.

We would like you to know that this issue is being treated as top priority and that we are working hard to identify the root cause and release a solution to you.

Whilst we currently do not have a fixed date to share with you we intend to announce its availability on this BT Forum.

As with all the updates for BT Whole Home Wi-Fi products an Early Adopter programme is available, which will give you early access to new releases before general availability.  Early Adopter announcements are made on the BT Community along with instructions on how to register and opt in.

Although a change in SGAB204002 was added to move the discs to bridge mode architecture, which has been found to stop the issue occurring or reduce the rate of occurrence in most instances, some customers may still have issues with this latest version.  Currently the only known workaround for this issue involves putting the Virgin Hub 3.0 into modem mode and using a different router between the primary disc and Virgin Hub.

Putting Virgin Hub into modem mode and using a new router

These steps will prevent the red LED issue from occurring for Virgin broadband customers who have a Virgin Hub 3.0 and access to another router. Modem mode instructions have been taken from

  1. Turn off all of the Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi discs
  2. Use the instructions below to put your Hub into modem mode
  3. Connect the new router to your Virgin Hub 3.0, with a cable between the Internet or WAN port on the router and one of the ports of the Virgin Hub
  4. Follow the setup journey for the router with Ethernet WAN
  5. Confirm Internet access is working when connected to the new router
  6. Now connect one of your Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi discs to the new router and set up/use as normal.

To enable modem mode on your Virgin Hub 3.0

  1. Make sure you are connected (wired or wirelessly) to your Hub 3.0
  2. Open your Internet browser
  3. Log in to your Super Hub's settings page by entering into the address bar of your Internet browser
  4. Enter your Hub 3.0 settings password. The default password is printed on the bottom of the Hub 3.0. If you have changed the default password, enter that password instead
  5. Once you've logged in, click Modem Mode on the left
  6. Click the option next to Enable Modem Mode and then click Apply changes

Note: Once in Modem Mode, the IP address you use to access your Super Hub changes from to