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Macbook Pro constantly losing connection

HI folks

Ive had my wholehome set up a few weeks, a few teething problems but generally im very happy wit it.

Im in the cliched old house with thick stone walls and loads of black spots previously, now when its working it works extremely well.

The main recurring problem im having is with my Macbook. It connects fine and works brilliantly for a few minutes, then drops off, says its connected but no data is sent or received. Every other device seems to be ok, and it seems to work if I make a wired connection (although I only tested this for a short time)

Im sure the issue is with my Macbook rather than the Wholehome although I dont have the problem using other wifi networks.

Ive read of other peopl having similar issues, has anyone made any progress on a solution, or even just any suggestions I can try on my macbook?

Thanks very much

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