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Mini-Hub questions

I am in the process of moving house and due to a delay and a mistake on my part my broadband was switched of at my current house leaving me without broadband for what I am expecting to be 2 maybe 3 weeks.  BT have been excellent and are sending me a mini hub to use.  I have a couple of questions I am hoping someone on here can help with.

 - Can the sim in the mini hub be used in another 4G router?   I have a dedicated TP-Link 4G router and as my current house is not in the best 4G coverage area I anticipate it will probably give me a better reception and overall performance?

 - Do B.T cap the speed on these things or can I expect to get full speed while I have it?

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Re: Mini-Hub questions

On the website where you can buy the Mini Hub, it does say that if someone lost their hub, it could not be replaced, but a replacement SIM card would be sent out so they could use their allowance in another device.

That seems to imply that the SIM card is removable, but I would look very carefully at the T&Cs, as they may prohibit the use in another device if loaned by BT.